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React Native Software Engineer

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Magmalabs is looking to hire a Software Engineer interested in helping companies to improve their mobile presence. This is the perfect role for a Software Engineer who wants to be part of a world-class global team working for world-class clients.

We help top brands across the world to evolve and execute their businesses. We’re craftsmen; we develop talent in the area. Join our team if you are like us!


Why this role exists

We’re growing fast and we take the shape of our growth seriously. We have a phenomenal team in our headquarters located in the beautiful Colima, México a city with breathtaking volcano views. We also have offices in Aguascalientes  Ags, Leon, Guanajuato, and people working remotely from other states/countries.


What success looks like

A successful React Native Software Engineer is going to drive amazing experiences for users using technologies like React Native, Node.js, React, GraphQL, iOS(Objective-c, Swift), Android(Java, Kotlin), Jest, Nevercode, push notifications, store distribution process, and having the habit of continuous learning.  Further, it involves using awesome Agile practices, including cross-functional collaboration with design and QA teams, fast iteration cycles, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and writing well-tested code.

For us, it is essential to have the right Software Engineer; we know what is necessary to grow and how to mentor our existing team at the same time we deliver excellent work to our customers.  We need the kind of people that care not only about crafting excellent experiences, but also about helping to improve everyone around them.


What would you be doing?

  • Working in a company ranked at the top 10% worldwide level according to Officevibe employee engagement, we earned the ‘Champion’ badge on Officevibe’s benchmark scale

  • Designing, developing, reviewing, and maintaining new and existing code for mobile applications following best practices using the React Native framework plus modern frontend frameworks.

  • Pair-programming and providing hands-on mentorship to junior and intermediate engineers.

  • Assisting to automate all end-to-end with unit tests and regression/integration testing in collaboration with QA team.

  • Performing complete testing of all developed units and components such as multiple screen sizes, UI/UX issues, following the iOS and Android design guidelines, etc.

  • Improving technical documentation related to processes and specifications.

  • Receiving and internalizing feedback, criticism, and guidance from Seniors/Leads.

  • Achieving mastery of the tools, languages, and frameworks used by the team.

  • Participating in technical interviews with potential hires.

  • Keeping applications at its best performance.

  • Contributing to Open Source projects.

Ideal Characteristics

  • Having shipped at least one production app using iOS(Objective-c, Swift), Android(Java, Kotlin), React Native and Javascript.

  • Thoughts and opinions on agile best practices and how to be a more pragmatic programmer.

  • Unit/integration tests.

  • Broad understanding of engineering practices such as Design Patterns, Testable Code, Mobile performance, and Mobile practices.

  • Being able to start and execute a project on your own.

  • Being able to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients.

  • Some desire or interest in DevOps is a plus.

  • Experience on payment gateways.

  • Love to contribute back to the open source community.



What we offer:

  • Competitive salary from $12,000 to $23,000 MXN monthly depending on experience, plus up to 50% of your salary in bonuses based on performance every month.

  • 1-1 Meetings every month and performance reviews every 3 months with a clear career path, we have a promotion or graduation policy.

  • Monday to Friday, flexible time.

  • Relocation assistance.

  • If you relocate to Colima: Free breakfast, English Class sponsorship.

  • Savings fund up to 5% of the salary (We'll double the amount).

  • Marriage bonus.

  • Childbirth bonus.

  • Paid days off, minimum 20 days off a year.

  • IMSS

Cool things we have and support:

  • Career Path: Our engineering ladder offers you the support and the training you need to keep growing as a Software Engineer.

  • Company Retreat: Join us once a year traveling together to beautiful places such as cabins near lakes or around some magical town to enjoy and celebrate Team Building.

  • We support: Meetups, Startup Weekend, Hackathons, Code Retreats, Conferences (Have you heard about MagmaConf?), local and global tech communities.

  • We have our very own Podcast De Código, Café y Cervezas where we talk about technologies, best practices, development, tooling, etc.

  • We like to write and share technical stuff in our Magma Blog, but also about UX/UI, SCRUM, Testing, e-Commerce, and more.

  • We contribute to the Open Source World, just check MagmaLabs Contributions out.

  • We like to share knowledge outside and inside the company, this is why we host MagmaTalks -a place to share ideas, tools, and different topics-.

  • We support the MagmaHackers Academy providing mentorship and training the next generation software engineers.

  • We have a great process to pursuit team building, join us in our MagmaActivities (sports, bumper balls, paintball, bowling games and more)

  • We like to practice our coding skills out of the scope of daily basis work, this is why we have CodeKatas 2 days per month where everybody is invited to participate and learn from others.

  • And, we also enjoy partying during special occasions: Xmas Party, Programmer Day, Halloween & Día de los Muertos, Independence Day, and much more.

Occupational fields: 
Software development
Fields of study: 
Employment type: 
Full time
Years of experience: 
3 - 5 years
Required languages: 
Required IT skills: 
Salary (monthly): 
1 000USD
Required degree level: 
Bachelor's degree