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Software Engineer Full-Stack

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s part of the Engineering Development Team Full Stack Developers at Kueski are in charge of designing innovative, secure and robust systems considering both backend, frontend, APIs and related technologies.  Full Stack developers are the definitive problem solvers, who can have a solution to any problem and are not blocked by limitations of specialization. Whether it is backend, frontend, ops, admin or any other technology stack, a Full Stack Dev can get its hand dirty to help the team solve any problem and implement any new feat.You have …

  • Extensive experience in at least one Object Oriented language, having used several design patterns and having implemented scalable and concurrent software architectures.
  • Comprehensive programming problem solving skills, with a good understanding of the tools (data structures and algorithms) and how to apply them to different problems.
  • Used SQL and No-SQL databases to efficiently store and retrieve data (using triggers, indexes, sharding, etc.)
  • Used CSS, Javascript and HTML to build several Web Based applications.
  • Built applications that are security aware. You understand the security caveats of the API, database and application decisions you implement.
  • A very strong sense of code quality. You can differentiate between good and bad quality code. You understand some of the quality metrics like CC, ABC, Code Smells, etc.
  • Experience with Web related technologies and development tools such as Gulp, Grunt and/or NPM, Webpack, CDNs, etc.
  • A comprehensive set of software development tools under your belt such as shell scripting, git, linux based OS, system debugging, etc.
  • English knowledge that will allow you to productively communicate with English speaking peers.

What you will do ...

  • Build scalable systems (backend, frontend and APIs) that can grow 10X year over year.
  • Design and implement systems to process data fast and reliably.
  • Implement intuitive, beautiful and highly usable web & mobile applications.
  • Develop Javascript self-contained libraries, SDK and APIs.
  • Harvesting user behavior insights and analytics. We love collecting data!
  • Keep Kueski’s web site on optimal loading time.
  • Search Engine Optimization for Kueski’s site and blog.
  • Design and implement large scale distributed solutions in the cloud.
  • Integrate with third party APIs to access external data.
  • Design/Implement/test and deploy code that is production ready.


  • Passion for building products used by millions.
  • Extraordinary software and programming skills.
  • Critical thinker.
  • A positive disposition and good attitude under pressure.
  • Clear communicator of complex ideas.
  • The ability to learn any technology at a fast speed.
  • Team work .


  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or equivalent from top tier school.
  • Solid foundation in computer science.
  • Experience with React.Js or Angular.
  • Experience in Frontend architecture patterns: MVVM, Redux, MVC.
  • Extensive Ruby programming experience (Gem building, Sinatra).
  • Experience developing security aspects of web applications (defence against hacking).
  • Experience with page optimization: browser cache, render blocking, CDN, minification.
  • Prolific Open Source contribution history ( a good Github profile).
  • Experience using Docker.
Calle Ontario 1090, Col. Italia Providencia
Occupational fields: 
Software development
Fields of study: 
Employment type: 
Full time
Years of experience: 
3 - 5 years
Required languages: 
Required degree level: 
High school
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree